Somebody Else's to them, whomever they may be.

Somebody Else's to them, whomever they may be.
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Ed Wood Principle and Being a Happy You

Here's the question of the day: If you could do anything you wanted to do, of all the things that interest you, things you are talented at (or would like to be), places you would like to visit, and etc. what could you be doing, how could your life be richer in purpose and experience and knowledge? And once you figure that out...why are you not pursuing that anyway, at least some of the time, even if only a little here and a little there?

Sure there is sacrifice in this life and unexpected trials and travails and roadblocks, and yes, some things do cost money...but if it is that important to you that it is at the top of the list then so what? Figure it out, work hard, and make it happen.  Life isn't just for doing everything you're supposed to do and should do, and what everyone else tells you should be your priorities; it is also for joy, growth, happiness and satisfaction, and in doing the things that you want to do that enrich your life.  I think this point often gets lost in the day-to-day shuffling and runnings and busy-ness that we are all so soakingly involved in.

It’s important to remember and refresh in your mind and in your heart that your opinion on how to direct your life, on how to be happy and successful matters the most, not the least.

As a note of counsel as you’re thinking about these things and wandering around in your own brain and skipping through the chambers of your heart’s desires: don't be a martyr about why it won’t or can’t work; it is a lazy, boring perspective as well as tedious and unenlightened, it will just bring you down and hold you back.  People like to help and share their resources and look for opportunities to help out friends, family and strangers, but being a Debbie Downer gets old fast and you push people, right along with their resources and opportunities, away from you with all of the negativity and squawking.  And while you’re at it, don't always look for the reasons for why something won't work, but look for the reasons why it can work or should work and then chase it down, work it, pursue it and enjoy.

Ed Wood was an odd duck who made some pretty crappy, albeit entertaining in their horrible-ness, B-movies…but he loved what he did and he didn’t see why he should fail…and so he didn’t.  He lived doing what he loved.  At our house we call it the “Ed Wood Principle” which means that precisely because you don’t realize that everything is against you, and that you should, for all intents and purposes, fail, you push through, keep working at it, and so you don’t fail, but rather you thrive and succeed.  Even if your movie is a crappy B-movie, if all you ever wanted to do was make movies, well then you did it, didn’t you?  You got some experience, you had some fun, you struggled and you learned some things along the way.

Make your life what you want it to be, full of the things that are important to you for whatever reason.  Live.

Happy hunting.  :)