Somebody Else's to them, whomever they may be.

Somebody Else's to them, whomever they may be.
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Monday, September 14, 2009

Are you Pre-40?

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...So...I was informed that apparently I have reached that most illustrious and life changing age of..."Pre-40".

Now you may ask, what is "Pre-40?" as I did...and I will tell you, as it was told to me...

"well, it's happening this next year...its like when you are 12. You are a pre- teen and you start getting treated like a teenager and not a child. You are pre- 40 this year... Yeah, so no purple hair... Your 40's will be even better than your 30's!... Stay off the liquor and you will be just fine. 40s are still young. 50 is the prime of life. You have 10 years till you hit your prime."

Hear jaw drop.
Hear it snap shut.
Hear all kinds of things running through brain...some of them being adult words.
Hear silence as I contemplate it all.
Hear gears in brain grinding and reason agreeing, but not really in the happy fashion.

Now this all came about because of the photo of 1 of 2 haircuts that I was considering. One was somewhat conservative and the other a little more on the wild side (read soft black with just a smidge of purple). I asked "Why are you stifling my purple?" and the reply was "Because you're a grown woman and you need to choose your rebellions carefully."

That's a pause that refreshes isn't it? I am a grown woman, and given the state of things in the world today, it's true--I do need to choose my rebellions carefully. Everything I do impacts others, and while selfish and self-centered thoughts are all good and well (or maybe not), they are just that--selfish and self-centered and not to be arbitrarily acted on. My personal belief is that I do have a responsibility to the people around me to be a good example in all things as much as possible. I know there are a lot of people that I influence and have an impact on...not because I think I'm so fabulous or anything like that...just that I do interact with a lot of different people during the course of my day-to-day existence. Old people, young people, children...everybody. The distraction of crazed hair won't build things forward nor will it help people to view me as a professional, with-it woman.

Well, in the end point taken. I do concede. I don't really want purple hair so much as the idea of it sometimes. I do like being a grown up and being taken seriously. I don't have any inward or outward need for rebellion, I've just always kind of liked purple in all its guises. And then, there always is Halloween if I really feel the need. And if we're being honest, and I am, I've always thought the mohawk was a snappy, edgy look, but I never did that either and won't be, ever, that I can see. It's o.k. to let all of that go. Let it float away down the river of Could-have-been-but-never-will-be.

But back to the Pre-40 bit...It's funny now, but I can say I was not pleased at the time...I mean Pre-40? I had never really looked at it this way. I've loved my 30's, and I was thrilled to leave my 20's behind, especially the later portion which was hard and full of tests and trials. But this Pre-40 business? This isn't a sexy title. This isn't something you think you want to grow up and be. When you're 25 you're not thinking "Hey! I can't wait until I'm 40 years old. Wow, that'll be some awesome times! Woo Hoo!" Yeah. That's not something I have ever thought.

So who said it? was Beloved when I sent him the photos asking his opinion. I can always depend on him to lay it out straight, even when he knows I won't be thrilled with what he might have to say. But that is one of the things that makes this whole marriage bit work. Honesty wrapped up in love and logic in times of counsel and discussion.

I wasn't *really* going to do it, but in the smallest sense I did actually consider it for the briefest of moments...but at least I have this memorable moment to add to the "Memorable Moments" file of marital bliss!

BTW...fortunately for him, this was through the pause that hits...he was able to duck out of a good thwack to the arm...That look a wife can give a husband when she is not pleased, that if her eyes were laser beams he just might be a pile of ash...yeah...he totally missed out on that.

So...To all of you other pre-40 year olds out there...Without purple hair, but definitely considering that the 40's may be better than the 30's...I raise my glass of Alka Seltzer to you...may you age as it pleases you...and may you do it gracefully and with moments of delight!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Storybooks & Fairies...Rivendell Take Me Away!

I came across something really interesting today...Storybook Homes. It is straight up my little happy alley.

Being a girl who has always loved that which is fantastical, imaginary and full of legend and myth...and being a girl who finds castles, manors, bungalows, gardens, hidden valleys and magically singing brooks and creeks to be of great appeal...and being a girl who has thought (and continues to think) that Rivendell from The Lord of the Rings really would be a fabulous place to live someday...the Storybook Homes from the 1920's & 30's are a delightful discovery and of intrinsic appeal.

I've always loved nooks and crannies, little hidden rooms under stairwells, hidden doorways and libraries which have secret passageways hidden behind the books. Books and stories that have any of these things in them, if reasonably well done will always pique my interest.

I would love to have a home with all of these things, not to mention a turret or tower and somewhere a spiral staircase. I would love a home with a beautiful, almost overgrown garden full of roses and other flowers and tweeting, twittering birds.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Late Night Musings...and Catch Up! Catch Up! Catch Up!!

O.k. seriously...I've tried to squeeze a post in here and there over the past few weeks, and I really mean *squeeze* it in, but I get done with loading photos and writings, and I get a SUPREMELY annoying error message. No doubt it has to do with typing something up in MS Word and then cutting and pasting it in here...but by the time it has all been said and done, frankly, I've been out of post for a couple of months now.

I know...SUPER SLACKER GIRL...but it's summertime and oh well.

So now, I'll play a little bit of catch-up over the next few days and post-a-plenty.

For now, though...since it's tres late and I've got a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow, I think I'm going to pop some photos in here with a brief commentary and then call it good for now.

So here we go...

One of my big events (which I had a huge post on...which you will see later once I get it straightened out) was a girls weekend getaway with my book club--The Late Night Bookies. We've been trying to take a quick vacation together for a couple of years now and it just hasn't ever worked out. This year though, we made it happen. We went up into the mountains into the forest and stayed in a cabin for a couple of days. When we got there, we found that two moose had taken up residence there at the cabin. They hung out with us for the weekend...we named them Moosifer and Mork. Here's a quick pic of our new friends.

O.k. and these are my girls...I'm the only one not in the pic because I was taking it. These women are amazing...every single one of them. What an amazing time we had. I am truly blessed to have the friends that I do. L-R: Kristin, Tiffany, Anna, Mary, Michelle & Melissa.

Between all of them we have such a plethora of creativity and talent.

Among all of us you'll find somewhere in there a business owner, single mom, student, business woman, homemaker, beautician, manager, customer servicing, finance, artist, seamstress, researcher, chef, retail experience, project manager, harlequin lover, music lover, bird collector, Asian art lover, Renaissance adorer, interior decorator, an environmentalist, a libertarian, a democrat, a republican, bi & tri-lingual speakers, painter, furniture refinisher, independent thinker, writer, baker, creator, singer, rubber stamp enthusiast, card maker, crafter, musicians with piano, harp, flute and guitar...and no doubt...Rock Band aficionados...

You'll find women with a varied ethnic background...all of them from immigrants at some point, some more recently than others...Native American, French, Scottish, Irish, German, English, Spanish, Mexican, Latvian, Russian, Swedish, French & Greek...

You'll find women who have overcome divorce, abandonment, broken hearts, death and betrayal and while hurt by it, have come out on the other side stronger for it.

You'll find thoughtfulness, love, service, friendship and compassion among every single one of them.

You'll find beauty and talent.

You'll find women who will touch your life for light and good. Women who concern themselves with the cares of the world and the people in it. Women who try through small acts and great to make the world a more kindly place.

You'll find women of light. Women of faith. Women of fortitude and strength. Women of conviction. Women with the hearts of giants.